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Texas Holdem Poker Hands

When you are holding a Texas Holdem Poker tournament game, you want to know what your winning hand looks like. One of the best ways to do this is by figuring out what your poker hands are and then comparing those hands to the other players in the table. If you see that your opponents have strong hands, or hands that look weak, you need to work on those hands so you can beat them. Below we will look at the best way to figure out the winning Texas Holdem Poker hands and how to use them to your advantage.

The most obvious card hands in poker are the Ace/King, Queen, Jack and Deuce. These hands have been in use for centuries and they always give a strong hand or strong action. In Texas Holdem Poker, the Ace/King is considered to be the most powerful hand in the game. Strong pairs such as Ace/King Jack, Queen and Deuce are all over the table making this the most popular hand among active players. Strong pairs make up the backbone of any solid hands strategy in poker and these are the types of hands that you want to use when playing poker.

Looking at the lower cards, the Ace looks like it has a bit of a weakling quality to it, but that is also part of its appeal. In actuality though, the Ace is probably one of the strongest hands in poker hands. It has the ability to set up attacks on the flop as well as attacking a hand at the river. This is where a player can really get ahead in a poker game. Strong pairs such as Ace/King Jack, Queen and Deuce are all over the table showing that this is a strong hand. Strong poker hands such as the Ace/King Jack or the Ace/Queen are strong flops as well, which means that this is one of the better hands in Texas Holdem Poker.

The two cards that look most promising in this hand are the Jack and the King. These two cards have an almost guaranteed chance of hitting the flop and can take out certain pairs, such as the Ace/King Jack or the Ace/Queen. This action will generally cause other players to fold unless they have specific cards that are not part of the pair that the King or Jack is a part of.

No matter what, the best Texas Holdem Poker hands should always have the Ace as the main card and the King as a secondary card. Some may call this a draw, but I would call it aggression. If you are taking action such as raising, be sure that you are not leaving yourself out of position. If the Ace is held, you will want to use this to your advantage as well. Calling, strapping, folding, etc are all great ways to control the action in this hand and keep it simple.

When Texas Holdem Poker is played online most often you will have to play against other online players. It can be hard to gauge who will have an aggressive hand when you are not face to face with them. In this situation, you will need to make fast decisions about which action to take. This is the hand where a solid betting strategy will pay off the best.